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May 28, 2021

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Billie’s Embodied Critique workshop series will help you bring critical perspective to your collaborative work productively, with greater confidence, across silos and power dynamics. In this series of fun, interactive discussions, exercises, and facilitated activities, you’ll build the emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and courage to contribute more effectively to your team’s critical conversations. 10 hours over 4 segments: June 1, 3, 6, 7. Learn more.


Prater Wessel headshotsDetangling Information Architecture with OOUX
Sophia Prater and Bram Wessel
UX researchers and designers have powerful tools for understanding people, but their training often lacks key skills needed to navigate and influence the business environments in which they work. This workshop will give you the business acumen you need to amplify your impact within your own organization or your clients’ organizations. Covering the fundamentals of finance, organizational structure, and strategy, you’ll learn the tools and frameworks that drive business thinking and decision making, and learn to be a better interlocutor between traditional business functions and your own function or department 10 hours over 2 segments: June 2-5. Learn more.


As design organizations scale, they go through distinct phases of evolution, requiring new structures, roles, and practices. Drawing on experiences supporting a wide variety of design organization sizes and types, this workshop provides the tools and frameworks you’ll need to maintain optimal effectiveness at each stage of your organization’s development. 10 hours over 4 segments: June 14-17. Learn more.


Measuring the user experience is fundamental to improving it, and experience metrics are a great channel to learn from users. A wide variety of approaches, tools, and belief-sets are available for creating, administering, and analyzing experience metrics. What you can do with these is mainly limited by your creativity and ingenuity. The masterclass is oriented towards practical use, with a strong emphasis on interactive quizzes and real-world examples. 12 hours over 4 segments: June 14-17. Learn more