Embodied Critique

Let’s say you’re on a good team full of smart people who like each other. Lucky you! But do you ever wonder why such a likable crew isn’t more effective? Do you have a sinking suspicion that your team keeps shipping work that misses the mark on quality? If so, you’re not alone — conflict aversion, people pleasing, and straight-up fear too often prevent creative teams from engaging in the level of critical conversation needed to gain deep understanding of the problem space and generate innovative solutions. Be honest: how often do you hold back from telling your creative collaborators what you really think, for fear of hurting their feelings (at best), rejection or retaliation (at worst)?

Billie’s Embodied Critique workshop series will help you bring critical perspective to your collaborative work productively, with greater confidence, across silos and power dynamics. In this series of fun, interactive discussions, exercises, and facilitated activities, you’ll build the emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and courage to contribute more effectively to your team’s critical conversations. The structured techniques you’ll practice will help you and your team increase the tolerance for discomfort needed to avoid groupthink, identify blind spots and “the unknown unknown,” counteract implicit biases and create substantive inclusion for divergent voices — not just for the good vibes, but also to open up newly possible solution spaces and “green fields” opportunities. Individual contributors and leaders alike will walk away with new skills you can put to work right now, to level up the effectiveness of your team’s cross-functional collaboration and unlock hidden potential.

Billie Mandel
Educator, Facilitator, Coach, Founder - Synaesthetics LLC
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