Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

Design at Scale 2022 Program

Wednesday, June 8

Theme 1: Design Practices in Times of Crisis

Framing Tomorrow by Questioning Today with Brendan Jarvis, Managing Founder, The Space InBetween

You Need Your Own Definition of Design Maturity with Francesca Barrientos, PhD,  Sr. Design Strategist, Cisco

Creating a Basis for Change: Scaling Design Maturity with Jess Greco, Director, Product Experience Design, Mastercard

Design Management Models in the Face of Transformation with Sarah Kinkade, Director of brand Design and Strategy, Signifyd, and Mariana Ortiz-Reyes, Director of Product Design and Experience, Signifyd

Connecting the Dots: How to Foster Collaboration and Build a Strong Design Review Culture [Sponsored] with Erika Kincaid, Senior Director, Design Operations, MURAL; Brenna Heaps, Design Program Manager, MURAL; and Jessica Tsukimura, Director of Creative Operations, MURAL

Accessibility: An Opportunity to Innovate [Sponsored] with Sam Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist, Fable

(Remote) Service Design: A Transformation Case Study with Alana Washington, Senior Design Manager, Uber Freight

Reimagining Design: Unlocking Strategic Innovation with Kevin Bethune, Founder & CCO, dreams • design + life

Thursday, June 9

Theme 2: Design Processes for a New Normal

“I mean, I can lift a shovel”: Design Skills in Disaster Response with Emily Danielson, Sr. Design Strategist, ExxonMobil

Rest in Peace Fly-in-fly-out Design with Amy Brana Stuart, Head of Design Operations, Viamo

Unlock Your Team’s Intelligence with Collaboration Design [Sponsored] with Emilia Åström, Learning Experience Lead, MURAL, and Jim Kalbach, Chief Evangelist, MURAL

Designing in a Pandemic: Integrating Speed and Rigor with Tiffany Cheng, Product Design Lead, Loopio

Delivering at Scale: Making Traction with Resistant Partners with Anat Fintzi, Staff UX, The Home Depot, and Rachel Minnicks, Manager, Enterprise UX, The Home Depot

How Designers Forget to Consider Accessibility [Sponsored] with Brandy Bora, Director of Design, Digital Unity Team, Verizon Design

Mobile Accessibility and You [Sponsored] with Sam Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist, Fable

Scaling Accessibility Through Design Systems [Sponsored] with Alexis Lucio Senior Accessibility Lead, Splunk

Remote, Together: Craft and Collaboration Across Disciplines, Borders, Time Zones, and a Design Org of 170+ with Rusha Sopariwala, Senior Manager, Product Design, Wayfair

Delivering Design Education During a Global Pandemic: Lessons Learned with Nicole Umphress, Education Designer, IBM

Friday, June 10

How to Empower Your Designers to Do Good Research – And Why You Want To [Sponsored] with Prayag Narula, CEO & Co-Founder of Marvin

Theme 3: Design People—Caring for Individuals and Teams

Breaking the Tension: The Power of Enabling Your Employees to Show Up Authentically with B. Pagels-Minor, Thought leader on product and culture development within technology companies

Get Your CFO To Say: ‘Our Strategic Goal is User Obsession’ with Adel Du Toit, Head of User Experience Center of Expertise, The Boston Consulting Group

This Is a Talk for Tired People with Luz Bratcher, Director, Golden Repair

Doing Work That Matters: A Look Beyond The Idealistic Notion of ‘Doing Meaningful Work’ with Barb Spanton, Director, User Experience, Varian Medical Systems

To Boldly Go: The New Frontiers of Accessibility [Sponsored] with Sam Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist, Fable

Why Your Design Team Is Quitting, And How To Fix It with Liam Thurston, Senior Director, User Experience, Loblaw Digital

Asking the Right Questions: Life, Hope and Moving Forward During the Pandemic with Reginé Gilbert, Designer, Educator, Author