User Research

  • This is a one-day interactive training session that focuses on both fieldwork and making sense of data. The day is composed of several modules that consist of presentation, breakouts, exercises, and discussion. The intent of this training is to help people who are using user research to inform design develop a more complete mastery of all steps of the process, from setting up a study, to executing awesome research, to using a framework for taking data to insight to opportunity.

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    Participants in this workshop will learn how to:

    • Consider how research can support design and innovation and different points in the process
    • Techniques to develop empathy, a critical facet to meaningful interviews
    • See how to derive useful results from interviews and get participants to open up
    • Learn to debrief and process insights and observations efficiently
    • Collaborate in teams to experience an effective framework for synthesizing raw field data
    • Gain perspective on the difference between surface observations, and deeper, interpreted insights.
    • Learn how to move from data to insights to opportunities
    • Experience techniques for generating ideas and strategies across a broad scope of business and design concerns
    • Focus on individual and group analysis to create a top line report
    • Brainstorm on patterns, cluster analysis and diagrams to rethink the problem
    • Prioritize findings and create new opportunities