Duly Noted Cover

Duly Noted

Principles and Practices for Thriving in the Information Age

By Jorge Arango

To be published: 2024

Effective participation in modern societies requires that we master the information around us: finding it, storing it, processing it, and acting on it.

Knowledge workers constitute an ever higher percentage of the workforce. Many aren’t information professionals, but they’re still required to find, manage, and use large quantities of information. And effective information management isn’t just crucial for work: increasingly, our leisure and educational activities also require that we interact with information systems.

Duly Noted: Principles and Practices for Thriving in the Information Age offers principles, practices, and frameworks to help you make sense out of the deluge of information you deal with in work, school, or personal life. The book, written by a professional information architect, distills lessons from the design of digital information systems so you can design personal information ecosystems and practices that support your growth.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is a note?
Chapter 2: How to capture effective notes
Chapter 3: Notebooks, whiteboards, and other containers
Chapter 4: How to develop ideas
Chapter 5: How to categorize notes
Chapter 6: How to make notes easier to find
Chapter 7: How to organize your notes to spark insights
Chapter 8: How to build a personal knowledge management system
Chapter 9: How to evolve the system so it grows with you
Chapter 10: Working on yourself