Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

Advancing Research 2022 Program

Wednesday, March 9

Accessibility: An Opportunity to Innovate [Sponsored] with Samuel Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist, Fable

The State of UX: Five Lessons from 2021 to Accelerate Digital Experience in 2022 [Sponsored] with Caroline Vize, Research Partner, UserZoom

Doing more with more: Lessons from the Front Lines of Democratization [Sponsored] with Lija Hogan, Customer Experience Consultant, UserTesting

Theme 1: Advancing Our Field

Imagining Better Futures with Devon Powers, Associate Professor, Temple University

How Research Can Drive Strategic Foresight with Sam Ladner, Senior Principal Researcher, Workday

Democratizing Research at HoneyBook [Sponsored] with Nicole Wright, Senior UX Researcher, Honeybook, and Ned Dwyer, Co-founder and CEO, Great Question

One Research Team for All – Influence Without Authority [Sponsored] with Joanna Vodopivec, Principal Design Researcher, Intuit, and Prabhas Pokharel, Co-Founder & CEO, Reduct.Video

M.C. Escher’s UX Research Career Ladder with Mackenzie Guinon, Senior UX Researcher, Handshake

Actions and Reflections: Bridging the Skills Gap among Researchers with Yoel Sumitro, SVP, Product Design,

Repository Retrospective: Learnings from Introducing a Central Place for UX Research [Sponsored] with Taylor Jennings, Senior User Experience Researcher, Chili Piper; Joe Nelson, User Experience Researcher, MasterControl; and Alex Knoll, Co-Founder, Condens

How Lessons Learned from Our Youngest Users Can Help Us Evolve our Practices [Sponsored] with Mila Kuznetsova, Senior Director of User Research and Product, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Lucy Denton, Head of Design and Research, Dovetail

What Does it Mean to be a Resilient Research Team? with Brian Moss, User Research Lead, Sopra Steria

Radical Participatory Research: Decolonizing Participatory Processes with Victor Udoewa, Chief Experience Officer & Service Design Lead, NASA

Thursday, March 10

Bringing Customer Research to More Internal Teams [Sponsored] with Brad Orego, Head of Research, Auth0, and Ned Dwyer, Co-founder and CEO, Great Question

Beyond Tools: The Messy Business of Implementing Research Repositories [Sponsored] with Sofia Quintero, Founder and CEO, EnjoyHQ

Empathizing with the Empowered: Non-Researcher Responses to Democratization [Sponsored] with Trisha Terhar, Sr. Market Research Manager, UserTesting

Theme 2: Advancing Ourselves

Using Integrated Insight to Drive Growth with Catherine Blizzard, Director of Marketing and Audiences, BBC World Service

Building a Product Insights Team with Andrew Michael, CEO & Co-Founder, Avrio

Mobile Accessibility: Why Moving Accessibility Beyond the Desktop is Critical in a Mobile-first World [Sponsored] with Samuel Proulx, Accessiblity Evangelist, Fable

Dialing for Research: How to Reach the Unreachable [Sponsored] with Prayag Narula, CEO & Co-Founder of Marvin, and Abhinav Krishna, Design Manager, Razorpay

Ahead of Competition: Learn What UX Benchmarking Can Do for Your Business Today [Sponsored] with Daniela Magaña Flores, Senior Research Consultant, eye square; Ariane Rahn, Research Consultant, eye square; and Jeff Ephraim Bander, CRO USA, eye square

Learnings from Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to the Research Process with Matt Bernius, Principal Qualitative Researcher, Code for America; Rachael Dietkus, LCSW, Social Worker, Design Researcher & Strategist and Founder of Social Workers Who Design; Aditi Joshi, Senior Design Researcher, Code for America; and Alba Villamil, Independent User Researcher, Partner at HmntyCntrd

Expert Panel: Leading in and with Research [Sponsored] with Anna Avrekh, UX Research manager, Meta; Dr. John Pagonis, Principal UX Researcher (qual & quant); Klara Pelcl, Senior Manager, Design Research, eBay; and Sina Schreiber, UX Researcher, Condens

Order and Chaos: New Ways of Collaborating on Synthesis and Storytelling [Sponsored] with Prabhas Pokharel, Co-Founder & CEO, Reduct.Video, and Mayo Nissen, Head of Design, Reduct.Video

Distributed, Democratized, Decentralized: Finding a Research Model to Support Your Org [Sponsored]. with Erin May, SVP, Marketing & Growth at User Interviews; Roberta Dombrowski, VP, UX Research, User Interviews; Laura Oxenfeld, Research Lead, Drift; and Brooke Hinton, Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, BI & Analytics, Vimeo

Why Our Voice of the Customer is Better Than Yours [Sponsored] with Anna Nguyen, User Experience Researcher, Dovetail, and Emily Brogan, Inbound Customer Specialist, Dovetail

Taking Inspiration from Instructional Design for Research with Zen Ren, Staff User Researcher of Developer Experience, Twilio

Research Democratization: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Kathleen Asjes, Chief Product Officer (acting), Head of Research & Insights, Dreams

Friday, March 11

2022: The Year UX Demonstrates its Business Impact [Sponsored] with Dana Bishop, VP – Research Partner, UserZoom

Theme 3: Advancing Our Practice

The Joys and Dilemmas of Conducting UX Research with Older Adults with Amanda Kaleta-Kott, UX Engagement Manager, ZS Medullan, and Lea Martin, PhD, UX Researcher, ZS | Medullan

Improving Legacy Software: How Much Better Does it Have to Be? with Paula Bach, Principal Research Manager, Microsoft

What Design Research can Learn from Documentary Filmmaking [Sponsored] with Bas Raijmakers, PhD (RCA), Co-Founder and Creative Director, STBY; Charley Scull, Pathfinder Researcher & Visual Anthropologist, Meta – Reality Labs; and Prabhas Pokharel, Co-Founder & CEO, Reduct.Video

Eye Tracking Gamechanger: Why Smartphone Eye Tracking will Revolutionize Your UX Research [Sponsored] with Jeff Ephraim Bander, CRO USA, eye square; Ariane Rahn, Research Consultant, eye square; and Philipp Reiter, Partner and COO, eye square GmbH

Are My Research Findings Actually Meaningful? [Sponsored] with Landon Barnes, Principal Strategy Consultant, UserTesting

Research in the Automated Future with Ovetta Sampson, Vice President, Machine Learning Experience Design, Capital One

Advanced Concept Testing Approaches To Guide Product Development and Business Decisions with Michaela Mora, Founder, Relevant Insights

To Boldly Go: The New Frontiers of Accessibility [Sponsored] with Samuel Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist, Fable

Empowering Designers to do Good Research [Sponsored] with Prayag Narula, CEO & Co-Founder of Marvin, and Hannah Hudson, Director of Design and Research at Twilio

Expert Panel: The Principles of Research Repository Design [Sponsored] with Ben Davies, Community Manager, Dovetail; Matt Duignan, Product Manager for Microsoft’s Human Insight Tracking System; Andrew Michael, CEO & Co-Founder, Avrio; and Dr. Emily DiLeo, UX Researcher and Research Operations Specialist

Making Research a Team Sport [Sponsored] with Roberta Dombrowski, VP, UX Research, User Interviews, and Sam Duong Woloszynski, Product Manager, Research Hub

Interrupted UX – Add A Dose of Reality To Usability Testing with Marc Majers, Lead User Experience Researcher, Progressive, and Tony Turner, UX Researcher, Meta