Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

Advancing Research 2021 Program

Wednesday, March 10

Opening Remarks with Bria Alexander, Design Program Manager, Adobe

Theme 1: Researchers Thriving In The Organization

The Power of Care: From Human-Centered Research to Humanity-Centered Leadership with Etienne Fang, Principal Researcher, Amazon

When Thought-worlds Collide: Collaborating Between Research and Practice with Lin Nie, Senior User Researcher, Peloton

You Are a Badass at UX: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Megan Kierstead, Researcher and Coach

A Research Skills Evolution with Dave Hora, Founder, Dave’s Research Company

The Product Philosophy Behind EnjoyHQ [Sponsored] with Sofia Quintero, Founder and CEO

The Compass Mission [Sponsored] with Greg Petroff, SVP of Design, Compass and UXR

Practicing Learners and Learning Practitioners with Victor M. Gonzalez CEO and Founder, Sperientia: [studio+lab]®

Mission: Keep Talent in Research Roles! with Rebecca Buck, CEO and Co-founder, Forge Studio

The Tension Between Story Collecting and Story Telling in Research with Bilan Hashi, Design Researcher, WSIB

Two Jobs in One: Being a “Leader who is a Researcher” and a “Researcher who is a Leader” with Nalini P. Kotamraju, Vice President, Research & Insights, Salesforce

Thursday, March 11

Theme 2: Research as Applied and Evolving Practice

Black Feminist Epistemology as a Critical Framework for Equitable Design with Yolanda Rankin, Asst. Professor, School of Information, Florida State University

UX Research Excellence Framework with George Zhang, Director of UX Research, Course Hero, and Molly Stevens, Director of UX Research,

What Role(s) Can Research Play in Responsible Design? with Mandy Drew, UX Research Lead, CreditWise, Capital One

What is Research Strategy? with Chris Geison, Senior Research Strategist, Workday

User Science: Product Analytics & User Research with Marieke McCloskey, UX Research Lead, Humu

Navigating the UX Tool Landscape [Sponsored] with JP Allen, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, User Interviews; Carrie Boyd, Senior Content Creator, User Interviews; and Malcolm Evans, Product Manager, User interviews

What Is It Like To Be Part of The UX Team at Compass? [Sponsored]with Andreas Huebner, User Research Manager, Compass; Amy Takata, User Researcher, Compass; and Craig Brookes, Staff Product Designer, Compass

How to Use Self-Directed Learning to Ensure Your Research Insights are Heard and Acted Upon [Sponsored] with Jerome “Axle” Brown, User Research Lead, Salesforce

User Research, Design, and Product – A Love Story [Sponsored] with Anna Avrekh, Director of User Research, Compass

Using Research to Determine Unique Value Proposition with Edgar Anzaldua Moreno, Head of Product Design, Sniip

Humanizing AI: Filling the Gaps with Multi-faceted Research with Joel Branch, Chief Product Officer, Lucd, Inc.

Friday, March 12

Theme 3: Research Impacts the Organization

What Did I Miss? The Hidden Costs of Deprioritizing Diversity in User Research with Megan Campos, Experience Research Director, Mad*Pow

But Do Your Insights Scale? with Katy Mogal, UX Research Lead, Google Assistant

The B-side of the Research Impact with Verónica Urzúa, UX Research Manager, Nubank, and Jorge Montiel, Global Head of Research at Multiplica

Dark Metrics: Illuminating the Negative Impact of Digital Health Design with Raven Veal, Design Researcher, IBM Watson Health

Measuring Up: Using Product Research for Organizational Impact with Mac Smith, Head of Cross Portfolio Research, Google Search and Assistant

5 Reasons to Bring Your Recruiting in-House (and How To Do It) [Sponsored] with Lily Aduana, Senior Project Coordinator, User Interviews; Savannah Hobbs, Product Design Researcher, Intuit; and Brittany Rutherford, Associate Product Manager, User Interviews

Craft of User Research: Building Out Jobs to be Done Maps [Sponsored] with Sean Fitzell, User Research Manager, Compass; Sarah Han, Sr User Researcher, Compass; and Kayla Farrell, Sr User Researcher, Compass

Get The Most Out Of Stakeholder Collaboration—and Maximize Your Research Impact [Sponsored] with Anna Poznyakov, Lead Researcher, Salesforce, and Richa Prajapati, Senior Researcher, Salesforce

What It’s Like To Be a User Researcher at Compass [Sponsored] with Kayla Farrell, Sr User Researcher, Compass; Chelsey Glasson, Staff User Researcher, Compass; Sean Fitzell, User Research Manager, Compass; and Jared LeClerc, Sr User Researcher, Compass

When UX Research and Institutional Racism Collide: A Case Study with Emily Williams, Sr. UX Researcher, Marketade, and Nora Fiore, UX Writer, Marketade

Research as a Catalyst for Organizational Transformation with Robin Beers, Customer Insights and Experience Design Lead, Wells Fargo