Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

Advancing Research 2020 Program

Monday, March 30, 2020

Theme 1: Scaling our Impact

The Five Dysfunctions of Democratized Research at Scale with Leisa Reichelt, Head of Research and Insights, Atlassian

Building a Customer-Centric Culture with Crystal Yan, Product Lead, New Initiatives, Remitly

Inviting the Whole Org to Come See For Yourself with Jesse Zolna, Director, User Experience Research, ADP

Atomizing Research: Trend or Trap with Matt Duignan, Principal Research Manager, Microsoft

Scaling ResearchOps: Helping Researchers do Their Best Work with Brigette Metzler, User Research Librarian, Australian Government Department of Human Services

Theme 2: Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

Stereotyped by Design: Pitfalls in Cross-Cultural User Research with Alba Villamil, User Experience Researcher

Lessening the Research Burden on Vulnerable Communities with Sarah Fathallah, Social Designer and Researcher

Checking Bias and Listening to Financially Vulnerable Americans with Yasmine Khan, UX Consultant

A New Vantage Point: Building a Pipeline for Multifaceted Research(ers) with Joi Freeman, Founder & CEO, Remnant Strategy

War Stories LIVE! with Steve Portigal, Principal, Portigal Consulting, Randolph Duke II, Senior Researcher & Design Strategist, Cantina, Tamara Hale, Research Strategy Manager, Workday, and Susan Simon-Daniels Susan, Senior Manager, User Experience Research, Oracle | NetSuite

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Keynote with Priya Parker, Author, The Art of Gathering

Theme 3: Broadening Our Perspective

Complex Problem? Add Clarity by Combining Research and Systems Thinking with Sarah Flamion, Research Architect, Salesforce

Convergent Research Techniques in Customer Journey Mapping with Jem Ahmed, Head of Insights, Badoo

Designing Delightful Listening Experiences: Mixed Methods Research in the Age of Machine Learning with Sohit Karol, Staff User Researcher at Spotify

The Heart and Brain of the AI Research with Liwei Dai, UX Researcher, AI and Machine Learning, Capital One

Theme 4: Managing Up

So You’ve Got a Seat at the Table. Now What? with Dalia El-Shimy, Senior Staff UX Researcher, Shopify

Double Your Mileage: Use Your Research Strategically with Nathan Shedroff, Executive Director, Seed Vault Ltd

Lead with Purpose with Brianna Sylver, President, Sylver Consulting

Influencing Strategy with Christian Madsbjerg,, ReD Associates

Closing Plenary: The Crisis of Digital with Leah Buley, Author, The User Experience Team of One