How UX researchers can partner with (and not be replaced by) AI

Four of your research colleagues discussed and defended their respective positions (below) on the impact of AI on user research. Participants engaged in a discussion and Q&A, facilitated by Dr. Jamika D. Burge.

“AI has the potential to be the researcher’s best friend, by doing all the heavy lifting associated with analysis – but it also has the potential to cause unimaginable damage”.

– Nick Fine

“Researchers absolutely must learn to create AI prompts. Not only will prompt engineering become an essential, required research skill, but it will also offer a much-needed opportunity to rethink our role as facilitators of change.”

– Alexandra Jayeun Lee

Soon, AI will be able to utilize the participant’s feedback as a prompt to create RITE design variations on the fly, offering the researcher multiple flow options organically and in real time, which will radically transform our research practice.”

Greg Nudelman

“UX Researchers can reinvent themselves as “delightful ethicists” who oversee ethics on critical issues when generative AI supplies abundant solutions without providing the why.”

– Bo Wang


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