Announcing the conference program for Advancing Research 2024

January 11, 2024

Advancing Research brings together the best minds in UX research, and this year those minds will be together in-person in New York City! We hope you join us March 25-26 for our conference and March 27 for in-person workshops as well.

What topics will Advancing Research 2024 cover?

Back in August, we held a series of six public, free workshops covering many of the most important topics facing UX researchers today—partnering with AI, emerging methods advancing UX research, creating actionable insight in the face of politics and silos, making UX research leadership more effective, learning from other research practices, and what UX research “maturity” looks like. These six topics were discussed and debated by UX research experts and that laid the foundation for the program our curation team has since created! In fact, you may recognize a few familiar faces in our speaker lineup! Interested in getting a sneak preview of some of our speakers and their talks? You can watch the recordings of these community workshops here.

Who will be speaking at the Advancing Research 2024 conference?

ICYMI: We announced our featured speakers—Neil Barrie, Steve Portigal, Victor Udoewa, and Tricia Wang. These four will be opening and closing out each day of the conference with conversations about product and culture, inclusion in UX, advancing the field of UX research, and collaborating with AI.

But what about the rest of the schedule? Well, we’re thrilled to share that with you—our full conference program is here. But you can look below for an overview of each day!

If you’re thinking of attending, keep in mind that our early bird registration deadline is February 6—that’s less than one month away! Groups of three or more get 15% discount when registering concurrently (enter code GROUP).

We hope to see you there!