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Redefining Research: Welcome to A New Paradigm with AI

At Advancing Research 2024, Tricia Wang—renowned social scientist and research thought leader—will address the transformative role of UX researchers in the AI era. Emphasizing the need to shift from passivity to proactivity, Tricia advocates for a radical reimagining of what it means to be a researcher—from being mere data gatherers to becoming shapers who collaborate creatively with AI.

Drawing on her extensive experience in ethnography, data science, and her work with leading global companies, Tricia will explore how AI tooling presents an opportunity for researchers to leapfrog past longstanding issues that have plagued the field. She’ll explore three concrete ways AI will change the work of researchers:

  1. To make research artifacts more accessible
  2. To amplify the voice of the customer, citizen, or constituent
  3. To become strategic partners

Tricia will point researchers towards a new paradigm where their role is to be empowered architects in an AI-driven world, translating customer needs into actionable insights that will inform decisions that are more far-reaching than what we can imagine today.