Get a taste of what’s to come from Advancing Research 2024!

November 13, 2023

From August to November, we held a series of six public, virtual workshops covering many of the most important topics facing UX researchers today—conversations we’ll have at Advancing Research 2024 in New York City, March 25-27.

Click below to view the recordings of these calls and get a taste of the subjects that will inspire the program for the conference in March. Don’t see the videos? Log into your Rosenfeld account to view!

August 31, 4-5pm EDT How UX researchers can partner with (and not be replaced by) AI
September 14, 4-5pm EDT What UX research can learn from other research practices
September 28, 4-5pm EDT What emerging methods are advancing UX research
October 12, 4-5pm EDT How to create actionable insight in the face of politics and silos
October 26, 4-5pm EDT How to make UX research leadership more effective
November 9, 4-5pm EDT What UX research “maturity” looks like and how we get there


We look forward to seeing you in-person at Advancing Research 2024!

—Chris Geison and Jem Ahmed (AR24 curators), and the Rosenfeld team