Get involved in Advancing Research!

August 14, 2023

Register below to join the conversation we’ll have at AR24 (in person: New York City, March 25-27!). It all begins in August with a series of six public, virtual workshops covering many of the most important topics facing UX researchers today:

August 31, 4-5pm EDT register How UX researchers can partner with (and not be replaced by) AI
September 14, 4-5pm EDT register What UX research can learn from other research practices
September 28, 4-5pm EDT register What emerging methods are advancing UX research
October 12, 4-5pm EDT register How to create actionable insight in the face of politics and silos
October 26, 4-5pm EDT register How to make UX research leadership more effective
November 9, 4-5pm EDT register What UX research “maturity” looks like and how we get there


To make this conversation truly succeed, we need you to attend and participate in each workshop’s discussion. It’s free; all we ask is that you bring an inquiring mind and generous heart to these conversations.

These sessions are free; be sure to register to attend and for access to the recordings.

See you soon!

—Chris Geison and Jem Ahmed (AR24 curators), and the Rosenfeld team