UX Leadership: Not just for managers

A full-day workshop with Kim Goodwin

Once you've mastered your craft as a designer, your success depends on a core set of skills your design school probably didn't teach: leadership. Leaders influence others to accomplish a shared goal; they may or may not be managers. Whether you're trying to shift your organization's or client's culture, build a more effective team, or just be a better mentor, this workshop will give you the tools to make progress.

In this workshop, you'll tackle UX leadership as a design problem, from understanding your audience and context to applying principles, patterns, and process. Most exercises will focus on assessing your own context and developing a plan for what to do back at the office. You'll learn how to:

  • Find the right leadership role for yourself (or suggest roles for others)
  • Use five key principles to improve your leadership effectiveness
  • Understand your own strengths and adapt to various contexts
  • Objectively assess & foster designer skills
  • Address conflict among team members
  • Successfully negotiate for time, budget, or other needs
  • Develop a shared vision and effective culture within your design team
  • Understand and use your organization's culture, rather than seeing it as an obstacle
  • Help turn individual stakeholders into design advocates
  • Tackle the world's toughest design problem: changing organizational culture
  • Approach leadership in a sustainable way

Whether you're a new leader or experienced manager, this session will help you with everything from one-on-one leadership conversations to systemic organizational change.

One more thing: at the end of the workshop, we'll present you with a certificate of completion.