UX Zeitgeist Reading Lists

UX Zeitgeist lists provide an opportunity for you to explore what other UXers are reading or consider relevant to their life and work. UX Leaders such as Lou Rosenfeld, Kevin Cheng, Whitney Hess, and Caroline Jarrett.

Lists are also an opportunity for you to let the UX community know what you consider important reading. Create your own list now!

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Theory of Interaction Design

This is the list of books I have my students read as part of their Introduction to the Theory of Interaction Design course I teach at SCAD.

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Confab 2011 presenters' books and articles

CONFAB 2011, the first edition of the Content Strategy Conference, takes place May 9-11 in Minneapolis, MN, USA. They've assembled an excellent speaker roster (http://confab2011.com/speakers); this reading list contains some of the books and articles they've written.

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Craft and Process

Books on the tools and processes that have taught me the most about not only how to create interface designs, but how to think about design and the techniques that make that thinking concrete and communicable.

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Understanding People

Behind every abstraction that we call a user is an individual and a community, a history and a biological heritage, a culture and the keys to making a successful interface. Understanding any audience requires an understanding of people, and these books have been critical to the way I design for humans.

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Imagination Fuel

Being open to different ways of thinking and seeing the world is critical to cultivating empathy that is at the root of all design. It also opens us up to new metaphors and concepts that can turn into or inform design solutions in unpredictable ways.

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Jodi's Faves

I've enjoyed most of the UX books I've read. These are my go-to favorites.

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Researcher's Desk Reference

As a design researcher, I refer to a core set of materials for education or inspiration, plus a supporting set as I transition from project to project (or for my own reading enjoyment).

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