Modern Service Design Fundamentals

Service Design is an interdisciplinary approach that can dramatically improve productivity and quality, while continuously helping an organization remain competitive. Key to understanding this material is understanding that, at its core, service design is about treating experiences as a series of designed touchpoints, and visualizing how a person interacts with these touchpoints in order to achieve a goal. In service design, products and services are not static concepts, and are treated as parts of dynamic ecosystems. As such, service design deliverables often include time-based visualizations that bring narratives and stories to life in accessible, learnable and easy to understand formats.

Who should attend

The workshop is specifically designed for project and program managers, and designers.
The workshop is specifically designed for entire teams including project and program managers, and designers, who want to build a strong foundation and broaden their skill-set and abilities when it comes to understanding and solving complex challenges with a service-focused lens.

Topics covered

  • Recognizing service as a journey and identify the key moments in it
  • Defining ‘Service Design’
  • Product experience vs service experience
  • Scaling design from features and products to services and service ecosystems
  • The types of ‘thinking’ involved in service design
    • Visual thinking
    • Design thinking
    • Systems thinking
    • Futures thinking
  • Common service types
    • Transactional service
    • Relational services
  • Service staging: front stage vs. backstage
  • What an actual Service Design process looks like and how to use it to create great service experiences
    • Cultural prerequisites
    • Solving the right problem: Service design research
      • Ethnography
      • Mixed methods research
    • Co/facilitation: Service scenarios and metrics development
    • Co/Creation: Service scoping
    • Service mapping
    • Service prototyping
      • Role playing
      • Wizard of Oz prototypes
      • Business oragimi
    • Service implementation
  • Common Service design deliverables
    • Service ecosystem maps
    • Customer journey maps
    • Service blueprints
    • Wizard of Oz prototypes
  • Bibliography/Further reading
  • Q&A