Designing for Complex and Trustworthy Experiences

1 day virtual workshop
June 8, 2023, 8:00 am-4:00 pm PT

Translating vague ethical principles into well-designed user experiences can be a challenge and doing so for complex systems is even more so. In this engaging workshop you will learn actionable tools, techniques, and methods that empower you and your team to implement and practice ethical design. This workshop is for senior level UX practitioners and leaders within UX product and design organizations. This hands-on workshop provides opportunities to practice active speculation to identify potentially harmful outcomes and to learn strategies to eliminate or mitigate harms. We will take time to discuss ethical quandaries, design implications, and common issues between people and systems, and you will leave feeling confident about implementing technology ethics in your work, and with a set of resources to continue applying the methods.

Workshop Goal
The goal of this workshop is to provide tools for UX practitioners to support their work and to embolden teams to critique the work more closely, protecting people from misuse and abuse systems. This workshop provides time for participants to practice the suggested methods and discuss their ethical quandaries.

Key Takeaways

  • How to effectively critique and apply technology ethics
  • Methods for speculating about misuse and abuse
  • Methods for designing trustworthy experiences


Part 1

  • 40 min – Introduction: Trust, trustworthiness, and technical ethics
  • 20 min – Discussion: Personal experiences with ethics
  • 20 min – Activity 1: Critique of ethical principles
  • 10 min – Discussion: Activity 1


Part 2

  • 25 min – Applying UX to emerging technologies
  • 25 min – UX Frameworks for technical ethics
  • 30 min – Activity 2: Applying Frameworks
  • 10 min – Discussion: Making sense of dynamic complexity


Part 3

  • 30 min – Conversations for Understanding
  • 15 min – Abusability testing overview
  • 75 min – Activity 3: Abusability testing


Part 4

  • 30 min – Designing for problematic scenarios
  • 40 min – Activity 4: Designing for Trustworthiness
  • 20 min – Taking Action & Q&A