Design at Scale: Establish a Design System Practice that Lasts

2-day virtual workshop
October 5-6 2023, 9:30am-1:30pm PT

You spent days, weeks, or even months putting together a library of common components that other teams could use. You sent it around to a few other teams to try out. And then… crickets. No reply. No one used it. It takes a specific process and mindset to make a design system that actually gets used. Design System University founder Dan Mall will walk you through the 7 different kinds of design systems, new workflows for tighter collaboration between designers and engineers, how to measure success, and a lot more.

  • Section 1: Different Design Systems
  • Section 2: Pilots — The Best Way to Start and Scale a Design System
  • Section 3: Process & Workflow with Design Systems
  • Section 4: Measuring Success with Design Systems