UX Leadership

  • No doubt you’ve heard (and experienced) the designer’s lament in at least one of its common forms: We could do so much more if we got involved earlier…They think we’re just here to hit it with the pretty stick… Why doesn’t it get built as we design it? The list goes on. Experienced designers and design leaders have realized that it takes significant organisational change before design and user-centered thinking are fully adopted. Before we can make much progress in changing our organisations or our clients, though, we need to make sure our own organisations are up to the challenge.

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    What role do you want your team to play in your organization or with your clients? What should the experience of working with your team be like? How do you want to be seen? Once you’ve got that vision, how do you evangelise it outside your team? How do you hire, motivate, and manage for the skills and values your team needs to achieve the vision? How do you build a design organisation that does great work and attracts outstanding opportunities? How can you be an effective leader while staying motivated yourself?

    Kim Goodwin, with years of experience as both an in-house creative director and at the helm of a leading consultancy, will lead you through a working session packed with discussion, exercises, and ideas. Whether you’re a new leader or experienced manager, this session will help you visualize where your team should be headed and help you develop leadership and management strategies to get there.