Project Management for Humans

By Brett Harned

  • Project Management for Humans Cover
  • You don’t need to be a project manager to manage projects. You need to account and plan for how you work with other people—which can get messy—and pick up the basics of project management. This book dissects those skills and presents them in a more human way—one that will help any digital professional efficiently execute projects with ease.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: So you’re a project manager
    Chapter 2: Selling projects and project management
    Chapter 3: Managing the chaos and doing it well
    Chapter 4: Start with an estimate
    Chapter 5: Conducting PM research
    Chapter 6: Create a plan
    Chapter 7: Pick a process…or don’t.
    Chapter 8: Managing resources (that means scheduling people, silly)
    Chapter 9: Communicate like a pro
    Chapter 10: Playing nicely with others
    Chapter 11: Setting and managing expectations
    Chapter 12: Scope is creepin’
    Chapter 13: Facilitation for PMs
    Chapter 14: GO TEAM: The PM Cheerleader
    Chapter 15: YOU are the PM now