Photography and Social Media Release

You authorize Rosenfeld Media and its authorized vendors to photograph you, to take video footage of you, and/or make electronic sound recordings of you (herein referred to as photographic or electronic reproductions). Further, you also grant the irrevocable right and permission to the use of any such photographic or electronic reproductions and any other reproductions of your physical likeness and sound for any purpose, including, but not limited to the unlimited distribution of the photographic or electronic reproductions online, and in publications in advertising, promotion, exhibition, educational materials, or for any other similar purpose deemed appropriate by Rosenfeld Media by any method or device now known or hereafter devised in which the same may be used, and/or incorporated and/or exhibited. You understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration for these recordings. Furthermore, you also grant the irrevocable right and permission to use any comments you make on social media or other public or private electronic channels or in person at or related to the conference or Rosenfeld Media LLC.