Greg Solis

Greg is a problem-centric director of research, strategy and design with a background in facilitation, design management, strategic foresight, service and venture design for solutions that frame design in society, equity, and the environment.

His recent experience as design director alternates designing new ventures and revenue streams with established corporates like Bayer, Roche, Avis/Zipcar and NGK and advising emerging health startups. His methodology incorporates strategic foresight into design and society frameworks to design actionable futures in environments as diverse as nutrition, cardiovascular health, hyperlocal urban farming, robotic load management for autonomous trucking, psychedelic-assisted therapies, medical devices for at-home treatment of stressor-related trauma, and even combating counterfeit medications in Africa.

Greg is based out of Cole Valley in San Francisco, where in between falling in love with problems he often even finds time to build bikes and play silly games with his French bulldogs.