Andrew Webster
VP of Transformation, ExperiencePoint

Andrew Webster has always felt compelled to be a part of “whatever is happening next.” As
ExperiencePoint’s Vice-President of Transformation, he is its leading catalyst for innovation —
lending expertise, drive and imagination to ExperiencePoint’s many clients as he helps them
champion their transformative journeys.

Growing up, Webster felt an insatiable desire to connect with new people and technologies. When
hard work and a novel business proposal found him appointed as the Kingbridge Institute’s
Meeting Design Lead, Webster became fascinated with the ways in which collaborative facilitation
methods might be paired with emerging technologies.

It was this passion which brought him to ExperiencePoint in 2008, where he has since played a
key role in developing and deploying the models ExperiencePoint uses to successfully transfer
innovation and change capabilities to its clients.

Always looking to the future, Webster is especially excited by the ways in which A.I. will continue
to enhance and transform how people and organizations change. To date, he has led innovation
and change workshops in over 25 countries and has taught at 20 of the top 50 executive education
and MBA programs.

Webster is a fan of leaving colder places for warmer places, and finds great fulfillment in
supporting systems and individuals in the mental health space. He enjoys spending time with his
niece and nephew, is an ice cream aficionado and is able to jump remarkably high upon request.

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