Conference Themes

Theme 1

Aligning and partnering

Nailing the basics of alignment and partnership are table stakes for getting past the friction that often plagues the PM/UX relationship. We’ll explore:
  • What projects and tasks we should we should—and shouldn’t— work on together
  • How we should make decisions together
  • How to understand each other enough to truly get aligned
  • How do we establish norms and negotiate in good faith through new challenges
  • How we can build on alignment to become effective partners

Theme 2

Setting and defending priorities

Product managers and UX practitioners need to work together to set priorities, develop roadmaps. We’ll explore:
  • How transparent your team’s process is—or should be—for establishing priorities
  • Ensuring that the right disciplines are involved in the process of setting priorities
  • Who should negotiate priorities—and with whom
  • Factors for establishing the right priorities
  • Making decisions and setting priorities in ways that strengthen our shared goals of customer obsession, outcome focus, and presenting a united front to the rest of the organization
  • How to say no to stakeholders who try to hijack the roadmap

Theme 3

Influencing and politicking

Product managers seem to have mastered the trick of influencing without authority. Can UX practitioners learn to do the same? We’ll explore:
  • Who we can effectively reach, and who is outside of our spheres of influence
  • How we can ensure that politics doesn't interfere or obstruct our mission of delivering customer value
  • How can we manage the range of personalities and opinions that we encounter day to day as we sweat the details