Dr Chloe Sharp
Product Research Consultant and Coach, Sharp Insight

Chloe is the author of the upcoming book Make Products That Matter: A Practical Guide to Understanding Customer and User Needs available from early November 2023. She has over a decade of experience in research and has been a co-founder of a research and grant-writing consultancy working with multiple startups, scale-ups and SMEs across different stages of the product development lifecycle. As a consultant, she learned first-hand what research methods are a good fit across the product development journey.

Chloe has a PhD where she became knowledgeable in the philosophical background of research and used grounded theory to design models for wider application. She currently coaches business leaders on how to tackle business challenges with research and insight techniques through Sharp Insight. Chloe is also a Product Manager at a financial company, implementing product strategy for client-facing and internal operational efficiency products. She has rounded experience in the theory and the application of UX research, lean startup and product discovery consultancy-side and in-house to draw experiences from for this session.

Sessions by Speaker
Using Evidence and Collaboration for Setting and Defending Priorities
Wednesday, November 29, 2023 | 11:35am - 12:05pm PT