As a startup in hyper growth mode, the design teams at Signifyd immediately faced the unique challenges in meeting the demands of a fast-paced, agile environment which rarely looked the same everyday.

With growth, the pace of change continued, leading challenge of managing an organization in a constant state of transformation. How do you build and nourish teams to be both agile and hardy, having both flexible branches and strongly planted roots?

Sharing stories from across two design teams–the largely centralized Brand and Marketing team, and the mostly embedded Product team–Kincade and Ortiz-Reyes will illustrate how in just three years, those teams have transformed models through cross-pollination and shared best practices. Brand and Marketing’s centralized model has become more embedded, and Product’s embedded model now largely resembles a centralized model. The result? Signifyd’s design teams are among the most highly ranked in terms of employee satisfaction.

Join this session and gain valuable firsthand insights that will empower you to:

  • Prepare your organization for transformation
  • Implement and manage a participatory visualization of the org
  • Understand and apply the psychology of change management