Why attend a Rosenfeld Media conference?

The short answer

The long answer

The Virtual Experience

Enhanced learning and networking
You can opt to participate in our innovative, industry-first attendee cohorts. Free and facilitated, attendee cohorts offer a deeper level of content engagement and fantastic connections than you’ll find at any other virtual conference.

Flexible for any schedule—or budget
Virtual conferencing means you can choose when to go, and accordingly, how much you pay. Attend for one, two, or three days—it’s up to you—and watch the recordings later the same day if you like. That’s all on top of a dramatically lower ticket cost than in-person conferences, not to mention no expense for hotel and travel.

A warm experience
Like our books, our events are known for their friendly tone and inclusive vibe. Even if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, you’ll feel welcome at our activities and, thanks to our code of conduct, safe and supported.

The Community

An active community
The conference’s focus is drawn organically from the engagement that you and your peers have in its corresponding community hosted by Rosenfeld Media. With help and facilitation from our curation team, the conference is essentially a polished snapshot of the community’s ongoing, year-round conversation.

Unparalleled connections
Our conference includes social events where you’ll make friends and connect with companies across the industry. You’ll also make lasting connections by participating in our passionately engaged Slack channels.

The Content

Informed, engaging and diverse speakers
We go out of our way to identify and attract new voices that represent diverse perspectives and experiences—and avoid the “program by Rolodex” and “pay to play” approaches typical of many other conferences. With the guidance of our curators and a professional presentation coach, our speakers spend months focusing and fine-tuning their sessions.

Designed by true industry experts
The program is painstakingly designed over the course of the year by a team of professional curators, each well-respected in their field with a pedigree of creating successful design conferences and engaging with the community.