Design at Scale 2022: Scaling in the Face of Uncertainty

Over the past two years, designers and researchers have struggled with scale. First, the crisis at scale triggered change management at scale. Then, ambiguity at scale led to adaptation at scale. Now we have an opportunity—at scale—to reflect on what we’ve learned and how we want to shape our “new normal”.

At Design at Scale 2022, we’ll celebrate the stories and case studies—wildly successful or painfully instructive—that you’ve lived these past two years. And we’ll distill the lessons that will guide designers and researchers through uncertainty in the years to come.

As our curation team develops the program for Design at Scale 2022, we’re considering your stories of scaling amidst crisis:

  • What have you learned in the last two years that changed how you face the future?
  • How did you and your team deal with uncertainty and respond to the rapid change?
  • What opportunities do you and your organization see for design and research today that were not there two years ago?

Our call for presentations is now closed; please join our community to hear about next year’s call.