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Rosenfeld Media interviews Gozel Aamoth of Salesforce

We asked Gozel Aamoth, Sr. Director, Research & Insights Operations & Program Management at Salesforce, some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about user research, why they’re sponsoring Advancing Research 2021, and what makes their products and services special to research professionals.

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Scaling User Research Operations Infrastructure with Salesforce

Our system (built on Salesforce) is customized to internal research & operations workflows. It’s a vessel to educate users on the research program at Salesforce, it supports data privacy compliance protocol, and it consolidates program metrics, among many other essential features. Learn more about how the evolution of our research participant database has aided us in establishing a successful Research Operations practice. 

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A User Researcher’s Guide to Getting Started With Ethics: How to Incorporate Ethics into your Design Process

There are a lot of motivations people have for going into the field of User Experience, but a common one is the desire to manifest, in one’s work, a genuine care for people. This concern for all humans (not just users) has been a central motivation, starting a career journey from customer service agent to non-profit technologist to UX Researcher.

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In our remote world, we as researchers need new ways to help our stakeholders cut through the noise to engage and digest our insights more meaningfully through thoughtful and intentional self-directed learning techniques. In this short session, we will discuss 4 key self-directed learning techniques to help you increase engagement around your insights during our debriefing sessions with your stakeholders.

Over the last few years, our simple five-step framework has made it possible to grow our research efforts’ impact and scale. It’s also helped us shift organizational mindset, establishing Research & Insights team as a trusted and desired partner in key business, product, and design decisions. Whether you do research with customers or need to map out your stakeholder universe to be most effective and increase your work’s impact, we hope this framework will help you achieve your goals!