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UX Zeitgeist lists provide an opportunity for you to explore what other UXers are reading or consider relevant to their life and work. UX Leaders such as Lou Rosenfeld, Kevin Cheng, Whitney Hess, and Caroline Jarrett.

Lists are also an opportunity for you to let the UX community know what you consider important reading. Create your own list now!

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Nick’s Top User Experience Books

I thought I would add to this my own personal list of top UX books that have helped me along in my career as well as in recent days. These books I have promoted in several of my presentations as well as to any colleagues who ask for such resources. So here is my list of top UX Books:

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Measuring UX

Including analytics among your research and design tools

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Biz Books

This is the collection of books I've read that have influenced my thinking about business, marketplaces, and how to run a small business that cares.

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Top 5 books on forms design

The top five books on forms design. Which one is best for you depends on what your aim is and the type of forms you are working on. For more details about these books, start with my article 'The Top 5 Books About Form Design' (scroll down to the bottom of the list)

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Whitney Hess's UX Bookshelf

If you create digital products, you have a responsibility to make them easy to use. It’s mostly common sense; it’s just not common practice! These books are what I consider the must-haves for any user experience designer. They'll teach you how to design products that are useful, usable and desirable.

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Creating Comics

Comics can be used to easily communicate ideas. What's more, anyone can do it with no training. If you're interested in delving deeper into the world of comics, here's some books that can help. Some are around creation of comics, some around drawing, some around general creativity.

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Comics That Explain Things

Here's some examples of comics being used to explain concepts or tell stories—or both! Subjects range from history to business to science to religion to personal tragedies.

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Convincing Someone That Design is Important

Are you working with someone who just doesn't "get it"? Here's a short list of books, any of which can really drive home why design is an important part of creating anything.

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Creating a Great Company

These are the books that influence me and how I approach business and work. If I was to start a new company tomorrow, many of the principles in these books would contribute to the foundation of the company.

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