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Rosenfeld Review Podcast: Women Talk Design with Danielle Barnes

Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that makes anyone feel welcome requires conscious and consistent effort. Whether it’s presentation, operation, or curation—incorporating your team’s voices in a healthy and organic manner as a business practice requires thinking outside the box.

In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, you’ll hear from Danielle Barnes, CEO of Women Talk Design, as she and Lou discuss the fundamentals of designing meetings and conference presentations that are more inclusive.

Key points Danielle and Lou address include:

  • Remolding non-inclusive systems to which women and non-binary folks are forced to adapt;
  • Assigning rotating facilitator roles, and how those roles can promote inclusivity;
  • How truly “listening” to those who are speaking can give facilitators the insights they need to curate a fantastic meeting;
  • Raising awareness for the consequences of being talked over, and how to drive safety and accessibility in meetings for team members; and
  • Tips to improve your natural stage presence when giving a talk.

You’ll also hear insights in how to create more inclusive environments by empowering those whose voices are not heard—and how safe spaces, when done right, help make this happen.