Aaron Gustafson

Aaron Gustafson

Aaron is the founder and principal consultant of Easy Designs, a web development consultancy. He is group manager of the Web Standards Project (WaSP), where he has spearheaded both the Web Standards Sherpa project and a small-business outreach effort.

He wrote the JavaScript library eCSStender, served as technical editor for A List Apart, is a contributing writer for .net Magazine, and has filled a small library with his technical writing and editing credits. His latest book is Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement.

Aaron has helped these organizations: Gartner, New York Times, and EPA.

Aaron can help you with

Front-end Strategy & Training
Whether you are looking to get your team up to speed in modern technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 or are looking for guidance in the area of JavaScript performance, Aaron would love to lend you his encyclopedic knowledge of modern web design. Aaron is a vocal proponent of progressive enhancement, a web design philosophy that ensures a great user experience irrespective of the browser or device used to access it.
Mobile Experience Design
Mobile web usage has grown far faster than most of us could have imagined and if you are not considering mobile as an integral part of your web strategy, your are limiting your reach and may even be hurting your brand in the process. Aaron’s approach to the mobile web is a holistic one that bridges the worlds of
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