Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!

Detangling Information Architecture with Object-Oriented UX

What you’ll learn

Many UX designers, product owners, and the people responsible for the digital world are facing incredible complexity. As they try to design simple front-end solutions for their users, the back-end reality of multiple databases, multi-level permissions, APIs, and content governance often seems impossible to tame. In this workshop, participants learn Object-Oriented UX, a methodology that helps wrangle that complexity into a tidy array of color-coded sticky notes. Participants will return to their organizations with a repeatable, scaleable, and collaborative tool for detangling—and visualizing—even the most convoluted IAs.


  • Understand why consistent, recognizable digital objects are important, from a psychological perspective.
  • Extract the important business objects from stakeholder requirements and research, which will become the pillars of your strong information architecture.
  • Create object-relationship models with crows-feet diagrams, which will inform intuitive and natural navigation.
  • Get a handle on the full scope of your functionality requirements with a capabilities inventory.
  • Build an object map, a magical artifact that gives a team X-ray vision into the system they are trying to design.
  • Map your Objects, Relationships, and Attributes across systems and processes, giving your organization new information management Capabilities.
  • Determine whether centralized or distributed management is best for your Objects.
  • Learn how measurement and governance can make your information ecosystem improve over time, keeping it durable and sustainable.
  • Understand your organization’s information topology so you can design a model that allows people and platforms to effectively share information.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion.


OOUX is a game-changer and you need it in your life. Period. Four of us (2 UXers, a front-end dev, and a CEO) attended Sophia’s workshop in Chicago this summer, and it remains easily the most valuable training dollars I’ve ever spent. The workshop was fun and engaging, and Sophia’s passion for this topic is infectious. We came away so energized we fired up an impromptu object mapping session with a client not even 24 hours after leaving our training. Since then, we’ve continued to apply what we’ve learned, and are seeing ongoing dividends for designers, developers, and business stakeholders alike. OOUX is a power tool that you need in your toolbox.
Caroline Sober-James
I walked away from both sessions having learned a ton. The delivery was awesome: broken in manageable chunks, sprinkled with good humor, and most of all very hands-on. I am enjoying the OOUX framework and can’t wait to apply it to my next project.
Svetlin Denkov
OOUX is an engaging and super fun class with a lot of interactivity and thoughtful, funny explanations of human behavior. The principles I learned will help me and my team to begin thinking about a modular design framework that’s smarter, more consistent, and will ultimately help our end-users adopt them with less heartache. Looking forward to applying this to our work!

Heather Dickens

Great workshop! It gives you a method that enables you to tackle UX problems more systematically. I found it extremely useful and have already implemented the method on the project I am currently working on.
Florie Salnot

Sophia’s OOUX training session with our team, as well as her support and answering all our questions, gave our team the tools and confidence to comfortably lead workshops with our product partners. We’ve evolved our understanding of our site’s framework, identifying areas for improved contextual content, and developed an agreed-to approach to information architecture. The product team was so highly engaged and receptive—they looked to incorporating the OOUX methodology into their next project.
Jennifer Correa