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Web Form Design

Filling in the Blanks 

Published: May 2008 Digital: ISBN 1-933820-25-X

by Luke Wroblewski

Web Form Design

If I could only send a copy of Web Form Design Best Practices to the designer of every web form that's frustrated me, I'd go bankrupt from the shipping charges alone. Please. Stop the pain. Read this book now."

—Eric Meyer (, author of CSS: The Definitive Guide

Forms make or break the most crucial online interactions: checkout (commerce), registration (community), data input (participation and sharing), and any task requiring information entry. In Web Form Design, Luke Wroblewski draws on original research, his considerable experience at Yahoo! and eBay, and the perspectives of many of the field's leading designers to show you everything you need to know about designing effective and engaging Web forms.

“Web Form Design” Blog

Online Event & Discount Code: Modern Web Form Design

On Thursday November 13, 2008, I’ll be presenting an online session about Modern Web Form Design as part of the Future Practice User Experience Webinar series. These 60-minute webinars are available as live classes, and then are made available in a recorded, edited format. Tickets include a copy of my new book, Web Form Design: …

Alternative List Box UI

List boxes can act as a set of radio buttons (allowing people to select exactly one choice from a set of mutually exclusive options) or as a set of checkboxes (allowing people to select any number of choices from a list of options). List boxes can be configured to show more options than a drop-down …

Marking Required vs. Optional form fields

On the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) discussion list, Erin Walsh shared some interesting insights on marking Required vs. Optional form fields. “We recently did prototype testing on several search forms with a mixture of required and optional fields. On the team we were split on the best approach, so we tried to distinct methods: one …

Recent Reviews

Several new reviews for Web Form Design have been published: Review in Digital Web Magazine; August, 2008. Reviewed by Matthew Pennell.“Web Form Design is that most curious of web-dev books—one without a single line of code within its pages. Instead, we are treated to a masterclass in design theory, and the year’s first essential purchase.” …

Impact of Removing Registration

In Web From Design, I advocated ways to get people engaged and interested in Web applications and services without requiring an explicit sign-up form. In many cases, registration is an obstacle that prevents people from exploring and engaging with an application. Since then, several people have asked what the impact of removing registration would be …