Why Attend the DesignOps Summit?

The DesignOps Summit is your opportunity to get at that clarity we’re all seeking—to collaboratively re-assess the state of the practice, consider the increasingly complex demands being placed upon teams and leaders, and work together to define clear roles, set goals, and establish scalable solutions for achieving them. We can’t wait for you to be a part of the conversation.

About the Summit

Since 2017, the DesignOps Summit has been the annual event for DesignOps people. Whether you’re making your move into DesignOps, building out your organization’s Design Operations function, or looking to make friends and meet talent, this conference is the annual event that you absolutely can’t miss. But you should attend this year because you—as part of the DesignOps Community—have been defining themes and exploring trends in Design Operations ever since the last DesignOps Summit wrapped up.

This year’s Summit will be a virtual production with live-streaming of the Summit talks, as well as unique social events, workshops, and networking activities.

About the Program

According to our research, you and your colleagues have made clear that this year’s conference should dig into the following themes—and our curators have been hard at work finding the sessions and speakers to bring them to life.

This year’s Summit theme, “Creating DesignOps Clarity,” sets the stage for DesignOps stakeholders to come together and:

  • Re-assess the state of DesignOps;
  • Find focus and determine priorities amidst the increasingly complex demands being placed upon teams and leaders; and
  • Collectively define roles, determine goals, and put forth best practices that reinforce high-quality, sustainable outcomes.

We strive to bring you not only dedicated DesignOps practitioners, but also key players in adjacent design-oriented communities and intersecting practices, like human resources and IT.

This Year’s Themes

  • Theme One: Growing Successful DesignOps Practices and Practitioners
    Learn the skills and mindset you’ll need for you, your team, and your org to thrive.
  • Theme Two: Building an Inclusive DesignOps Practice
    How can DesignOps help develop and support diverse, inclusive design teams that thoughtfully create experiences with everyone in mind?
  • Theme Three: Scaling Design Organizations
    Grow your design org while navigating uncharted waters.
  • Theme Four: Visiting the Future of Design Operations
    Amazing projects on the cutting edge — inspired leadership, impactful management, and tooling wizardry.

Additional Benefits of Attending

Join a Virtual Cohort

As a virtual attendee, you can join a cohort and experience the conference with your peers.

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Additional Resources

No need to take notes–we do it for you. You’ll have access to the session notes, slide decks, and resource lists from each conference session.