Why Attend the DesignOps Summit?

Since 2017, the DesignOps Summit has been the annual event for DesignOps people. Whether you’re making your move into DesignOps, building out your organization’s Design Operations function, or looking to make friends and meet talent, this conference is the annual event that you absolutely can’t miss.

But you should attend this year because you—as part of the DesignOps Community—have been defining themes and exploring trends in Design Operations ever since the last DesignOps Summit wrapped up. According to our research, you and your colleagues have made clear that this year’s conference should dig into the following unifying theme and sub-themes—and our curators are hard at work finding the sessions and speakers to bring them to life:

This year’s unifying Summit theme, “Creating DesignOps Clarity,” sets the stage for DesignOps stakeholders to come together and discuss:

 — The New Fundamentals: From transitioning to a DesignOps role and building a DesignOps function from scratch to reevaluating and moving on from legacy practices.
Tooling: Defining design systems, wrangling UX research repositories, and licensing the tools it takes to empower your designers and researchers.
Enabling Ethical, Sustainable, and Inclusive Design: Supporting designers in pursuing meaning-driven experiences.
PeopleOps: From hiring, onboarding, and retention to developing principles that guide designers and researchers in good times and bad.

The DesignOps Summit is your opportunity to get at that clarity we’re all seeking—to  collaboratively re-assess the state of the practice, consider the increasingly complex demands being placed upon teams and leaders, and work together to define clear roles, set goals,  and establish scalable solutions for achieving them.
We can’t wait for you to be a part of the conversation.