Malini Rao
Director, User Experience, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

A UX veteran of over 2 decades, Malini has designed product experiences and led design for diverse organizations – giants like Siemens Medical Systems and Oracle; Technology leaders like Red Hat and also many startups. Currently she is spear heading design for UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) with a focus on Human capital management needs of the small to mid-sized enterprise. As a mentor and a leader in UX, the main tenet she advocates to practitioners is that of ‘creative adaptation’. She believes that out-of-the-box creativity should not be limited to the design of efficient and delightful user experiences alone but also to the methods of doing design itself. This has been an underlying thread in the talks she has presented at various conferences and events. She also holds a UX patent for her work at Red Hat. Her current focus is to guide organizations to be able to leverage the true impact of design by connecting the dots to the business more closely and expanding the scope and impact of design and strategic thinking beyond product experience into customer experience and organizational process.