Civic Design: The Next 100 Years

Join us for the inaugural Civic Design conference to explore design as it intersects with the public sector. Together we’ll define and learn to embed civic design from the perspectives of people working in different levels of government across the globe. We’ll dive deep into the tools and mindsets for creating lasting change, designing accessible and equitable services, and buying and hiring for the needed skills. And we’ll look beyond today’s challenges, exploring how civic design can be a force for justice, equity, and resiliency in the face of the challenges ahead.

Theme 1

Civic Design Today

Curated by Charlotte Lee, Chief Executive Officer, CX & HCD SME

What is our shared definition of civic design? We'll take a clear-eyed, global look at the role and influence of design in local, state and provincial, and national governments. We’ll see how scale and location influence the delivery of accessible, inclusive, and responsive design solutions. We’ll define what civic design is in 2021, reflect on and learn from the work of our community, and establish a foundation for the practice for years to come.

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Theme 2

Civic Design Tools and Mindsets

Curated by Ariel Kennan, Senior Fellow, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

What mindsets and tools do we need as individuals and in our organizations for civic design to be successful? We’ll explore how civic designers are evolving organizational mindsets through relationships and systemic solutions. We’ll see approaches for embedding accessibility and inclusivity from the start. We’ll learn how governments can buy better design services, and how design industry and policy professionals can become effective civic designers.

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Theme 3

Civic Futures

Curated by Sarah Brooks, IBM Distinguished Designer, IBM

Where is civic design headed? We’ll knit together insights we heard from the current state of civic design with a look out over a hundred-year trajectory to explore how we might rise to meet the challenges faced by current and future generations. We’ll consider ways of working, ways of being, and necessary considerations for safeguarding our physical and digital selves in order to create the futures we want.

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