Join us at Civic Design 2022, November 16-18
Shahzma Esmail
Public Interest Designer, Government of Ontario

Shahzma Esmail (she/her) is a public interest designer, researcher, and strategist who solves problems using human-centered, iterative approaches. Driven by equity and pluralism, her goal is to deliver outcomes that improve people’s quality of life. She currently works for the government of Ontario, having used design, digital, and data skills to lead change for policies, services, and people for over 10 years in the public service.

Outside of work, Shahzma volunteers with community and non-profit organizations to build diverse, thriving communities and humane, effective civil society institutions. Shahzma holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Environment and Sustainability from the University of Western Ontario.

Sessions by Speaker
Pipeline to Civic Design
Thursday, December 9, 2021 | 1:40pm - 2:25pm PT