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Granicus solutions empower governments to deliver personalized experiences for the people they serve. With the leading cloud-based solutions for communications, websites, and digital services, Granicus helps turn government missions into quantifiable realities. Our solutions connect 5,000 public sector organizations and 280 million people, creating a powerful network for civic engagement.

Rosenfeld Media Interviews Angy Peterson, VP of Granicus Experience Group at Granicus

We asked Angy Peterson, Granicus’s VP of Granicus Experience Group, some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about civic design, what it’s like to work at Granicus, and what makes their products and services special to design professionals.

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Citizen Experience In A Post-COVID World

A Guide to Digital Service

COVID-19 has been a game changer for every public sector and private sector organization in the world. It changed nearly everything about how citizens and customers interact with organizations of every shape and size.

Whether you were swept into digital experiences or are just now getting started, this guide contains practical frameworks, tactics, and use cases for getting it right.

Download the guide now and start using these tips towards digital service that can help provide convenient, personalized solutions for citizens in good times and bad.

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A Practical Guide to Integrated Digital Experiences

4 Steps to Delivering a Modern Digital Experience

Going digital is less about moving all your paper processes online and more about reimagining the way you do business, including streamlining your workflows and using a citizen-first mindset.

Download the guide to learn about four critical ways you can improve your digital presence to better serve your constituents.

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How do you design engaging communications experiences when the audience you serve faces obstacles to connect?
The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (NCPTSD) strives to provide Veterans with tangible resources and information to help with mental health and seeking treatment. Historically, there’s been a significant portion of the Veteran population NCPTSD has not been able to reach and they needed to better understand their audience’s pain points and how to connect effectively. Over the past two years, we’ve taken a human-centered approach to empathize with and understand the Veteran experience to better reach and communicate with them.

Through Open Cities, Granicus was able to expand on our ability to provide resident-centered digital experiences in local governments around the world. Our platform is the public sector’s leading digital customer journey platform that has helped thousands of local governments transform their websites, digital forms, and service delivery experiences.

Join Irina Tikhonova and Kari Dietrich in this session focused on the importance of starting small when elevating user experiences. We discuss how to focus on user journeys, involve the right stakeholders, and push for data-driven and human-centered policy changes.

Through GovDelivery, Granicus sends over 17 billion e-mails every year on behalf of over 5,500 state, local, and federal government agencies. As the first Fedramp approved communication platform of its kind, Granicus is uniquely positioned to develop insight and innovation based on the voice of the residents we serve. In this session, Granicus leaders Angy Peterson and Bob Ainsbury will share a vision of a personalized public digital experience– and the impact that could be possible through the power of data and human centricity.