Why attend Advancing Research 2024?



1. Envision and find your place in a research world

Future-proof your career

UX researchers have to understand, speak, and even reframe their work in research terms in order to make an impact. Whether you’re moving into a research role, or looking to be a better partner with research peers, Advancing Research will prepare you for success in research-centric organizations.

We are designing Advancing Research 2024 for you

Our curation team has incredible first-hand experience at squaring UX with research. But they’re not stopping there: they’re already researching the issues and challenges that perplex and confound UX practitioners like you. You’ll enjoy a conference program created by people like you for you—and with your involvement.


2. Enjoy a fantastic conference attendee experience

We’re bringing you a premiere in person experience

Rosenfeld has been producing conferences for over a decade—and this year we’re back in person. From carefully selecting convenient and beautiful venues for each conference event to offering industrial strength customer support, we’ve got you covered so you can focus on learning and engaging.

Fantastic Location

Advancing Research 2024 will be held in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world, and we’ll be in Queens, the most ethnically diverse borough in the city. Come join us in the city that never sleeps and enjoy extracurricular activities including delicious food, shows, and museums.

Uniquely-enhanced learning and networking

You can opt to participate in our innovative, industry-first facilitated attendee cohorts, at no additional charge (first-come, first-served). You’ll enjoy a deeper level of engagement and make fantastic industry connections that will last long after the conference wraps up.

You’ll have fun too!

From incredibly engaging discussions with speakers, sponsors, and fellow attendees and Q&A sessions to entertaining networking activities, you’ll end each day with a smile on your face.


3. Benefit from industrial-strength content

We don’t stumble upon our program choices, or hope we make good guesses.

Our program is being created through an intense research-driven process, led by a curation team of senior practitioners, that identifies the issues, challenges, and ideas most important to you.

We’ll prepare you to share out to your team

You’ll leave the conference with access to professionally-produced session recordings, sketchnotes, written notes, decks, and a resource list for each session. So put your notebook down—we’ve got you covered!

The sponsor sessions are amazing too

Instead of slapping brand names on collateral, our sponsors deliver relevant information and career-enhancing connections. We put you face-to-face with the companies at the leading edge of UX with innovative sponsor sessions that are packed with content riches (not sales pitches).


4. Be with your peers

Engaging, diverse, and highly-prepared speakers

No “programming by Rolodex” or “pay-to-play”! We go out of our way to identify and attract new voices that represent diverse perspectives and experiences. Our speakers then spend months preparing collaboratively and iteratively with guidance from our curators and a professional presentation coach.

You made this!

We’re UX reasearch people (just like you)—and we’ve been researching what people in the community (just like you) want from the program over the course of the past year. So chances are you’ve already participated in developing the program in some way!

Unparalleled connections

Our conference includes social events where you’ll make friends and connect with companies across the industry. You’ll also make lasting connections by participating in our social events and mingling with your peers throughout the conference.