Question Everything: Let’s Flip Some Orthodoxies!


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Location: Bartos Screening Room – Museum of the Moving Image

Orthodoxies are deeply held beliefs about “how things are” or “how things are done” or even “who does what.” We all have them personally, and we hold onto them as an industry too. They largely go unnoticed and unquestioned, to the extent that they become invisible even when they no longer serve us — which can make us resistant to change and prevent us from developing. By identifying, challenging, and potentially “flipping” these orthodoxies we prepare ourselves to truly advance Research.

In this session Julie Norvaisas, dscout’s VP of User Experience, will kick things off by sharing a set of orthodoxies that came out of her team’s research on Researchers. The group will have a chance to discuss and build on them — then flip some. Prepare to be provoked and maybe even a little out of your comfort zone. This is a chance for attendees to learn from each other, to be challenged, to be inspired by successes, and to imagine a revitalized future for our field.