Fatimah Richmond
UXR Programs & Strategy, Google

Fatimah is a well-rounded UX Researcher (UXR) with over 15 years of expertise, having influenced enterprise products across leading tech giants like Google, SAP, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. Fatimah has led strategy for research, programs and operations that have significantly impacted the UXR landscape, from clinician engagement strategies to reshaping LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs. With an educational background in Applied Anthropology, Human Factors/Ergonomics and Computer Science, Fatimah’s perspective embodies a blend of anthropological insight, critical theory and complex technical systems. As a forward thinker, she’s here to challenge our assumptions and the status quo on how research gets planned, communicated and measured. Fatimah resides in San Jose, California with her husband and her very active, inquisitive 7 year old son. When she’s not writing about users and researchers, she’s writing poetry along the beautiful California central coast.

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