UserTesting enables organizations to understand what it’s like to be their customer, with a video-first experience testing platform and access to a global, opt-in network of contributors. Through UserTesting’s Human Insight Platform anyone in an organization can easily get a vivid, first-person understanding of any experience. With UserTesting, any team can watch real people engage with products, apps, or services to build greater customer empathy. The platform generates video-based Customer Experience Narratives, typically in less than a day, and often within a few hours. Using machine learning, the platform analyzes and surfaces key moments of insight rapidly and at scale.

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User experience teams need to understand how their target users think and feel while interacting with their products. Expand your knowledge through the latest articles, guides, podcast episodes, and more from the leading human insight platform.

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Agile Research: Best Practices and Tips from the Frontline

While most companies practice agile development in some form, many UX teams struggle to align customer-centered techniques with an agile process. Join guest Randy Fisher, National UX Architect for Insight, as he shares best practices and tips to approach UX research with an agile perspective.

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Many of us are interested in executing research in a more inclusive way – but don’t know where to start. Drawing from real-life examples, we’ll cover how you can start doing more ethical and inclusive research.

We empathize and deeply understand our products’ end users, but do we understand our colleagues and stakeholders to the same level, as they are users of our insights? In this session, we’ll discuss how changing our mindset and better understanding our colleagues can unlock a path to research acceleration.