Advancing Research is coming back in 2024 - and this time we're in-person!

HCI 2.0: Humanity Deserves the Attention that UX Research has to Offer

Data cannot interpret the world. Only humans can. Because of that, the next evolution of AI requires a more collaborative approach to building systems. And UX researchers are uniquely positioned to build the dream team responsible for managing the data collection required for more responsible AI.

Anthropology and sociology methodologies provide us the framework to interpret human behavior in a way that telemetry can’t. Qualitative research leads to more socially conscious computing decisions that will impact technology companies going forward.

Join this fireside conversation to discover…

  • The power of changing one tiny acronym from “Human-Computer Interaction” to “Human-Centered Innovation”
  • Expert recommendations for building more responsible technology
  • What it will take to build a fundamental practice around collecting and analyzing high-quality data
  • Practical steps you can take today to build ethical products in the future