Advancing Research is coming back in 2024 - and this time we're in-person!

Fast and Fearless Inclusive Research

We will be presenting a simple framework or “toolkit” that can be used to align on the “minimum viable participants” for inclusive research when under pressure.

Intentional user research often gets classified into two categories. One aims to recruit users based on specific, constraint, or viability-driven criteria, e.g., who is most likely to be an early adopter, most likely to engage, or most likely to find value. This type of research is often seen as “fast,” “focused,” and “targeted,” but may overlook meaningful nuance. The other focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), examining historical frameworks, and patterns of exclusion or injustice, and is viewed as “ethical,” “inclusive,” and “deep” but can also be cumbersome for teams under time or resource pressure.

However, fast and inclusive research are not mutually exclusive. Contrary to the popular belief that building DEI principles into user research slows us down or is just a “nice to have,” we propose instead, that it can accelerate insights by efficiently identifying the highest risk use cases and revealing beneficial design for all.