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Sahibzada Mayed
Liberatory, Emancipatory, and Visionary Experience Designer

Mayed is an on-paper design researcher and creative strategist. They bring a critically-informed approach to community-centered design that seeks to advance culturally thriving and sustainably empowering outcomes. He is extremely passionate about exploring the intersections of design, community activism, and social justice, creating avenues to uplift and serve minoritized populations. Inside and out, Mayed is an abolitionist at heart. They seek to articulate the ways in which carceral logics and discourses are reproduced in our lives, and dream of the ways in which we can liberate ourselves and reclaim the freedom to define our own realities. Mayed’s work embodies the radical
critique to disrupt oppressive systems and the speculative dreaming that is necessary to imagine new worlds.

Sessions by Speaker
The Politics of Radical Research: A Manifesto
Monday, March 27, 2023 | 10:05am - 10:35am PT