Meet Nick Baum, CEO of Tremendous

March 10, 2023

We are lucky to have so many wonderful sponsors of this year’s Advancing Research conference–and we thought you might like to get to know them better! We’ve asked all of them some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about user research and ResearchOps, what it’s like to work with them, and what makes their products and services special to research professionals.

Rosenfeld Media: Why are you sponsoring this year’s Advancing Research?

Nick Baum:

We work with a ton of research teams across tech companies and other businesses, and we love supporting your work. Notably, researchers have given us some of the most valuable feedback we’ve gotten on our product, and we’ve created something truly simple and useful that addresses your specific pain points with your help. We love being part of the research community, and it’s been a really symbiotic partnership.

Rosenfeld Media: What excites you about research and/or research operations?

Nick Baum:

Research and research ops are the keys to unlocking the world’s most delightful products. Those in the Advancing Research community are and will continue to be responsible for the most intuitive innovation we’ve seen in the tech industry. Supporting this mission is an honor.

Rosenfeld Media: What types of value and benefits do you/your product bring to the practice and our community?

Nick Baum:

Sending incentives is a lot more enjoyable when it’s easy. So Tremendous makes it really, really easy. That way, you can just focus on research. We don’t want you to stress about sending incentives internationally, offering enough options to satisfy participants, or manually entering information for a bunch of participants one-by-one. We also don’t want you to worry about monthly fees. So we make international payments a breeze, offer tons of different payout options, and support simple bulk payments, all for free.

Rosenfeld Media: What else should our community know about you?

Nick Baum:

So far, we’ve helped businesses send over 10 million payouts. Also, I’m really good at CodeNames. I’ll challenge anyone to a game of CodeNames any day.

View Tremendous’s sponsor page for their scheduled sponsor activity sessions and more.