We believe working with video should be intuitive and collaborative. Reduct is an all-in-one transcription, analysis & synthesis, and video editing platform. Researchers can make sense of video data as a team, and create compelling research videos, with speed and quality never imagined possible.
Loved by researchers at Facebook, Intuit, Spotify, Indeed, IDEO and many other great research teams.

Keys to Creating a Truly User-centric Organization

Create compelling videos without spending hours (even days..aargh!) in iMovie or Premiere.

Empower non-research functions to contribute to analysis & synthesis when everyone can easily highlight, tag, comment on recordings.

Build a user-centric culture by putting human stories at the heart of strategic decisions.

All these transformations are possible when researchers at companies, such as the Zebra, Spotify, Intuit, started using Reduct.

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Rosenfeld Media Interviews Prabhas Pokharel, Co-founder & CEO at Reduct.Video

We asked Prabhas Pokharel, Co-founder & CEO at Reduct.Video some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about research, what it’s like to work at Reduct.Video, and what makes their products and services special to research and researchops professionals.

Meet Prabhas

3 Approaches to Sharing Video to Increase the Impact of Your Research

More and more researchers leverage the power of video in their day-to-day work. Excitingly, researchers have come up with diverse practices of how and when they use and share videos in order to better engage and influence stakeholders.

Find out three creative approaches for sharing out your video.

New Ways of Collaborating on Synthesis & Storytelling

Videoboard is a new tool from Reduct, for analysis & synthesis. It combines the best of both transcript-based + visual/spatial synthesis in one tool and unlocks a truly collaborative process. Join Reduct’s day 2 session in Advancing Research to learn more about Videoboard.

Find out why you need Videoboard.

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Research teams are at the frontier of uncovering valuable insights that can inform products, services, and strategy choices. Few researchers in large organizations have the visibility and buy-in to exert influence across all of product, engineering, customer success, marketing, and overall organizational direction. How do you break down silos and maximize the impact of your research?

Join us in conversation with Joanna Vodopivec, Principal Design Researcher at Intuit, to learn how she makes her team’s research relevant to colleagues in product, marketing, and services, and the latest initiatives she has led to enable the research team to be truly seen in a large organization. You will also hear the creative approaches Joanna and her team take to engage and influence, even when working remotely.

Finding meaning in unstructured or semi-structured data from the field is a challenge at the best of times. Add in collaboration, and it quickly gets messy. The most common approaches to synthesizing research for which you have video footage have been either exclusively transcript-and-tag-based or visual/spatial. This choice gives researchers a dilemma — do you want to stay grounded in the data with transcripts, or see the whole picture with visual tools?

With Reduct’s Videoboard, we’ve brought these two worlds together, avoiding the need for compromise or painful workarounds. You can now stay close to your data, think visually, synthesize spatially, and work collaboratively, with your video footage right where you’ve always wanted it.

Join this session to be among the first to see this groundbreaking tool – and hear how it can be a gamechanger for research teams working in complex environments.

Video can be so much more than just a presentation aid and a way to engage stakeholders; it can also be a means to explore, understand, and convey deep human truths. Through the lens of documentary filmmakers and visual ethnographers, film can be a powerful medium with which to capture context and emotion, and tell nuanced stories. In this fireside chat with three design researchers who have extensive experience working with video and documentary techniques, you will hear how they integrate documentary filmmaking approaches and methods into their research practices.