Richa Prajapati
Senior Researcher, Salesforce

Anna and Richa are researchers at Salesforce where they’ve been defining the product strategy and design decisions for the past x and 5 years. They both come from non-traditional backgrounds but have been able to make significant impact through their work whether it is creating a net new tool, navigating difficult stakeholders, making social impact, defining design principles etc.

This is because they both are passionate about growing research as a function and representing the voice of user in an actionable way that makes our customers, product and teams successful.

They created this 5-step framework 2 years ago when they saw many of their peers struggling to make a consistent and meaningful impact at work and realized that the key factor that made people successful at work was the ability to influence and collaborate with various cross-functional stakeholders.

Having gone through several rounds of testing, they’d love to share this knowledge with the rest of the world so they can benefit from our learnings.

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